“A Happy Tale” depicts a visual journey of a photographer from Coventry and an artist journey to Leamington Spa, depicting the fascinating story of how they both developed their own art which enabled them to overcome barriers to their emotional health and well being and achieve success today. All are welcome to visit the exhibition which opens Tuesday 4th October and finishes Saturday 5th November.

The exhibition celebrates the achievements of Neil Catley, a young photographer based in Coventry who suffered mental health issues and agoraphobia for 5 years and did not go out of the house until one day he picked up a camera bought by his mother. He started to steadily learn to take photographs leading to Neil eventually getting out of the house, with a new given purpose to life. His growth in confidence lead to not only the development of his own photography practice but an initiative providing activity for those in the community with isolation or mental health issues. Confidence in Photography set up by Neil has been a great opportunity for others to develop photography skills and make friends and develop their confidence too.

Neil’s unique architectural photographic style is defined by his dramatic cinematic narrative, breathing life and a deep sense of belonging to the past and present within a single snapshot moment. His work is widely celebrated in Coventry and the exhibition aims to celebrate Neil’s unique vision and new work incorporating Warwickshire architecture. Neil will also be conducting Confidence in Photography tours around Leamington from the gallery on Saturday 22nd October.

Alan Grantham an artist and skater from Leamington who through movement and sketching developed his unique abstract art as a means of understanding and overcoming barriers to his wellbeing and health through artistic expression of his neurodivergent art as a visual language. Alan expresses this on paper, canvas, boards, the street, the wall or anywhere he can create imagery even whilst on roller skates. Alan’s unique vision of a free-flow space has enabled him to produce exceptional metaphoric art as an expression of his own unique vision of the environment, people and the world, with his meticulously sketched clusters of people, juxtaposed with primary colour, layering and form. Alan is influenced by modernist artists especially Miro, Mondrian and above all his own neurodivergent mind mapping the multiple layers of expressions he sees and feels day to day.

Alan has had numerous exhibitions including the Hope Punk exhibition in April based at the Litten Tree LTB Showrooms with Neil Catley and artist in residence at Earlsdon Library, Coventry. Alan will be conducting live sketching and painting daily at ArtsTrail Gallery throughout the exhibition, delivering talks on his experience with ADHD telling the story of how expressing his art helped him overcome barriers to health, bringing together a community of people through HAP, Hope Arts Projects, enabling individuals to express themselves and be confident within a free flowing environment. Alan is doing a sponsored 100KM Skate at Victoria Park during the month of October in support of local charity ILeap which supports children and adults with additional learning needs and disabilities.

All are welcome to visit the exhibition which opens Tuesday 4th October and finishes Saturday 5th November.

Opening times: Monday – Saturday 11am – 5:30pm
Private viewing: Sunday 9th October 2-4pm

Gallery Closed: Sundays