The Studios form the backbone of our activities, acting as an arts hub for the visual arts in the area, linking artists, art groups, community organisations and local businesses and institutions. This helps to develop a wide range of outlets for artists to display and sell their work, and at the same time responds to requests from local businesses and organisations for displays. For the public the Studios are an open gallery with free entry, where artwork is available for viewing and purchase. Artists can use the Studios to display their art to the thousands of visitors per year. The Studios also offer rentable working space in a convivial and supportive environment where you can work in with other artists and get professional advice. We display a wide range of artwork in the studio and are always keen to hear from new artists who wish to join us. We offer the studios as a venue for use by a wide range of organisations such as seasonal shows, comedy festivals, cinema festivals, and workshops. Volunteers are always welcomed and we can always find a way to make use of whatever skills or experience they bring. The volunteers themselves gain in many ways in a friendly environment, learning about the art world, techniques, and marketing.

If you would like to apply for a Studio in advance then please fill in this form with your details. When space becomes available you will be notified.