The Studios

Our Leamington site offers six studios, all on the first floor. The studios are separated by storage cabinets rather than walls, so it offers opportunities for collaborative working. The layout is shown in the floor plan below.

Natural light is provided to all except Studio 1 by 3 windows in the roof.


Studio Sq ft
(Note 1)
space ft
(Note 2)
1 110 25 No
2 84 6.5 Yes
3 84 6.5 No
4 84 6.5 No
5 84 6.5 Yes
6 84 6.5 No


  1.   This includes the space occupied by the storage cabinets that are provided.
  2.  Each Studio has use of the relevant section of the display wall on the corridor. This provides a 3 metre (approx 10 foot) high space to hang art work. Studio 1 has additional display space on standard walls.

Two spaces are still available from £25 per week. Access is possible 24/7, even outside normal public opening hours. Lighting & heating is included. If you would like to become an artist-in-residence please see the general information and application form. Alternatively call in and talk to Gerry at the ArtsTrail studios or email on or ring him on 07450990389.

The Gallery Space

The gallery space on the ground floor has three distinct areas:

  • a double height section at the entrance from Windsor Street;
  • the main, central section;
  • a long display area alongside the printing and framing workshop.

Floorplan of the Studios in Windsor Street

The main gallery area, including the double height section, is approximately 10 metres by 4.7 metres. There is a total wall length of approx 42 metres ( 135 feet) for the display of art works.